E World Holdings

E World Holdings is a real estate investment firm based in Malaysia, run by both Shiva and Troy Narayan.

Both Shiva and Troy Narayan have been active in real estate investments thought both strong and weak market cycles. With ventures in both Malaysia and Venezuela, the owners of E World Holdings have found great real estate investment opportunities in various markets. Together, Shiva and Troy Narayan demonstrate unparalleled judgement when in comes to international markets. While based in Malaysia, E World Holdings continues to expand in competitive markets.

The E World Holdings team evaluates potential investments and negotiates transactions in a precise manner.  E World Holdings embraces all aspects of real estate including acquisition, financing, property management and development. Passionate about growing their business Troy and Shiva Narayan work to identify profitable development areas in Malaysia and the surrounding areas. Through their growing connections in international markets, Troy and Shiva Narayan continue expand their investment portfolio.

Ultimately the goal for E World Holdings is to create significant value through a combination of strategic acquisition, development, and management. Fostering strong relationships within the real estate community is another fundamental component of the E World Holdings strategy. Integrity and complete transparency is of utmost importance for both Troy and Shiva Narayan. Offering property investment services for a number of years, the company has established an enviable reputation for quality and value for money. Built on core principles and family values, the E World Holdings team ensures a seamless strategy with each investment.

A more recent venture of E World Holdings is cryptocurrency. While Shiva and Troy have found great success in real estate investments, they’ve become equally passionate about bitcoin and ethereum. Together they believe this cryptocurrency trend holds great promise in a variety of industries including cyber security to administration and government.

Committed to providing unparalleled service, the E World Holdings has come to build a loyal client base. Through their dedication and unprecedented ability to recognize potential, the E World Holdings team is truly one of a kind. At the heart and soul of the business is their strong family connection. Troy and Shiva Narayan work together to enhance and maximize the value of each property.  Today, the E World Holdings team continues to evolve and reach new heights.

For more information about E World Holdings or Shiva and Troy Narayan, check out their blog! Or head over to the other website, eworld.la!

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